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Born in 1980, Jennifer Hogwood grew up in a rural village in Bedfordshire. Surrounded by rolling fields she spent as much time as possible outdoors, often riding horses at the local stables and playing in the fields with her childhood friends. Although she was always described as ‘creative’ and loved painting, Jennifer has never had any formal art-training, and her distinctive Highland Cows, known as The McMoos are derived entirely from Jennifer’s love of the animals and her unerring desire to improve and grow as an artist.

I take something away from every piece I create and as an artist I am constantly evolving.

Jennifer Hogwood’s trademark bold and distinctive style arises from an infallible sense of colour, a singular talent for observation, and a huge affection for her highland friends The McMoos. Her endearing works of art communicate the essence of her subject with humour and charm, captivating audiences across the globe.

Jennifer’s home and studio, a converted chapel in the English countryside, is the perfect setting for her McMoos

It’s a lovely space, surrounded by trees, a field of sheep grazing just outside…the environment definitely inspires my work. I think that’s why I paint a lot of wildflowers, butterflies…

It’s always peaceful and this sense of calm makes it the ideal place for her to work. Seeing the sheep grazing in the fields, chickens wandering around the yard, dogs ambling in and out and with her young children just next door, is where Jennifer is most comfortable.

Animals have always been a big part of Jennifer’s life and she finds their presence comforting – the very reason the McMoos came into existence in fact. With her partner in the Army, and the newlyweds first marital home a magnolia-box on the base, Jennifer felt she needed to make the house a home, with art.

We couldn’t afford to ‘just buy art’, so I thought ‘I’ll do it myself,” I went to the local art shop, bought some paints and canvases and just sat on the floor in the living room, painting these cows, their expressions, their families, their loves and hobbies…

Nowadays, some years on, Jennifer’s process has evolved. Before starting to paint, Jennifer spends time with a pencil sketching freehand, adding more and more detail until she feels the composition is perfect. She then begins to apply the paint in layers, drying it as quickly as possible to build up a richness of colour and texture, then adding other elements to bring character to each piece. The collectable Jennifer Hogwood prints reflect this, being beautifully hand embellished, with little jewels to add a sparkle to their eyes.

Jennifer has even created her own unique shade of brown which she uses in every painting; knowing exactly how it will react if she adds a touch of white or dark makes the painting process flow with ease.

Welcome to the world of The McMoos by Jennifer Hogwood.